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Swagelok Oklahoma | West Texas

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Training and Education

Swagelok Trainer Teaching A Tube Bending Course

Swagelok's training and education programs provide our customers with a range of valuable and practical tools for meeting day-to-day challenges and keeping up with the latest fluid system technologies. From an array of in-depth courses taught by expert instructors to training videos and online classes, Swagelok training equips your team to work safer and smarter.

Training and Continuing Education Partnerships

Training partnerships offer our customers an array of advantages, including cost savings, tailored hands-on training programs, and the assurance that their products are crafted with top-quality components by the most adept professionals in the industry. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond product quality; we also provide training solutions to ensure your newest or most experienced employees receive customized courses that are tailored for your team's specific needs. Contact us to learn more about how partnering with Swagelok Oklahoma| West Texas can continuously elevate your team and business.

Available Courses and Topics

Swagelok Essentials

Learn to build and maintain dependable systems. Courses on Tube bending, fitting assembly, hose, valve, and regulator selection and troubleshooting are taught by Swagelok-certified trainers.  Essential courses include:
Tube Fitting Installation / Tube Fitting Installation Inspection / Medium- and High-Pressure Cone and Thread / Valves / Hoses / Tube Bending / Regulators / VCR® and VCO® Fittings

Orbital Welding

Learn orbital welding principles, as well as Swagelok® M200 welding system setup, operation, and troubleshooting techniques from Certified Weld Inspectors (CWI) and Certified Weld Educators (CWE).

Materials Science

Learn how to choose the right corrosion-resistant materials to keep fluid systems leak tight, operating efficiently, and aligned with industry standards.

Advanced Tube Bending

Learn multiple methods of tube bending for both simple and complex bends with hand and bench top tube benders. 

Steam Services

Learn to properly design, operate, and maintain a steam system for improved energy efficiency, productivity, and safety, as well as reduced emissions.

Process Analyzer Sampling System (PASS)

Gain a high-level understanding of sampling systems while designing and building an optimized system that delivers timely, accurate results.

Process Analyzer Sampling System (PASS) Subsystems

Sharpen your design skills by breaking sampling systems down into subsystems and their discrete function blocks to learn how each subsystem impacts analyzer results.

Sampling System Problem Solving & Maintenance (SSM)

Learn how to troubleshoot a variety of common and complex design issues from the process line through sample disposal.

Tubing System Training Program

Learn about the relationship between installation requirements and safety in the workplace with our industry-specific standardized training programs for hydrogen, oil and gas, and chemical and refining applications.

To receive information on any of the classes above, our current course schedule or how you can book a private training session for your company, give us a call at 918-258-8661 or click the 'Email Us" button below to learn more. 


Open Training Sessions

In addition to our available courses, we will also hold 8-hr certified Swagelok Tube Fitting Installation and Tube Bending Essentials Open Training Sessions in our branches throughout the year. Swagelok Essentials training courses provide critical skills for developing, building, and maintaining dependable fluid systems. Taught by Swagelok-certified trainers, these courses provide a strong foundation of knowledge and the techniques behind fluid component systems.

When you finish this 8-hour training course, you will know the following skills:
• Properly cut and deburr tubing
• Correctly assemble a Swagelok tube fitting
• Gauge a tube fitting assembly
• Identify thread types and installation practices
• Properly prepare threaded installations
• Explain the basic concepts of the theory and practice of tube bending
• Practice the measure-bend method through a variety of hands-on exercises using the Swagelok® hand tube bender
• Demonstrate essential tube bending concept necessary to complete quality 45º, 90º, 180º and offset bends

Upcoming Open Training Classes:

Oklahoma City: 
May 7, 2024
June 12, 2024

April 24, 2024
May 8, 2024
June 4, 2024


May 14, 2024
August 13, 2024
November 13, 2024


June 12, 2024
September 11, 2024
December 11, 2024

Email for more info
  Or call 918-258-8661 to talk to a training expert about our available open training sessions. 

Also Check Out Virtual Swagelok SSM Training Opportunities

Swagelok Sampling System Problem Solving and Maintenance (SSM) training courses will teach you how to troubleshoot a variety of common sampling system issues from the process line through sample disposal. Attendees will learn how to troubleshoot sampling systems with confidence.