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Grab Sampling Systems

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Our grab sampling assemblies come in various configurations and are locally built, supported, and reliable. They are designed to safely collect representative samples of liquid or gas from your process lines. We offer options for closed-loop sampling into pressure-rated sample cylinders or collecting process fluid into glass laboratory bottles for analysis. Our sampling panel options are easy to use, maintain, and can be ordered as a single part number.

Created by Swagelok Engineers, Tailored for Your Needs.

Swagelok grab sampling systems are crafted to safeguard both your employees and your financial success, and are customized by fluid system experts to suit your requirements.

Engineered For Safety
Swagelok grab sampling systems isolates the process pressure from the sample bottle and user, avoiding overfilling and overpressure situations. Our panels are also constructed with features to reduce the risk of operator mistakes, for example, a spring-return handle on the GSL sample valve that prevents unintended dispensing.

Engineered For Ease Of Use
Swagelok grab sampling systems are engineered to lower the number of steps required for sampling and are constructed for simple maintenance. A switching valve configuration on GSM and fixed-volume GSL panels enable simultaneous management of fluid routing and provides clear sequencing to the operator. Additionally, components like gauges can be separated during maintenance to reduce downtime.

Engineered For Reliable Results
Closed-loop GSM sampling panels provide samples that are stored in cylinders that maintain the same process conditions as when the sample was taken, ensuring that the sample is accurate. A GSL can use glass laboratory bottles that offer immediate observation of the visual properties of the sample. All our grab sampling panels are constructed with Swagelok tube fittings, minimizing the risk of leakage.


Trust a leading industry provider for sampling and trust your results.
Contact us to schedule an appointment with our Grab Sampling Team today and learn more about our Grab Sampling Systems.