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Swagelok Oklahoma | West Texas

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Save the date for our upcoming free Virtual Tech Talk:

Wednesday, March 31st
9:00 - 10:00 a.m.

Swagelok Tubing vs. Pipe -Showcasing Swagelok's Mechanical Efficiency Program
Featuring Sean Hunsicker, Chem & Refining Market Manager
This Virtual Tech Talk will include:

  • Learn how choosing lightweight tubing with reduced number of end connections allows for better flow and easy assembly
  • Understand how many different applications can benefit from tubing
  • Designing seal support systems for reliability and safety
  • A Q&A session to make sure all your questions are answered
  • Plus much more

Presented via Webex. Click below to RSVP. 




As the baby boom generation nears retirement age, the engineering sector is challenged with a fundamental concern; attracting, retaining and engaging skilled engineers and technicians. The potential loss of legacy knowledge, skills and expertise, is quickly becoming a major threat to our economy and many organizations. Overlay this with a shortage of young people enrolling on engineering, mathematical and scientific subjects, the problem is one Swagelok Oklahoma | West Texas does not take lightly. 

As a solutions provider to our customer base, we saw the opportunity to address the challenges our customers are seeing by launching our Tech Talk program in 2019. This free training program takes place once per quarter and offers attendees a deeper dive into technical training and safety.

For many years, Swagelok Oklahoma | West Texas hosted our very popular "Breakfast Club" series, a monthly favorite among our customer base and associates. As we transition to our Tech Talk program, we like to think of these events as a good mix of camaraderie, networking, and in-depth training to keep your employees safe. 

Keep an eye on this page for updates and schedules of future Tech Talks.