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Swagelok Oklahoma | West Texas

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Custom Solutions

I didn't know you could do that!

Fabricating a custom fluid system can be a challenge because of lack of resources, time or personnel.
We can help.

We offer Swagelok Custom Solutions, an assembly and fabrication service utilizing Swagelok products and other third-party products into your assembly per your requirements. Our highly-trained Fabrication Technicians and on staff Engineers will take your concept and provide you with a finished solution. The final product will be the highest-quality and it will be tested and delivered with all supporting documentation. Download our Custom Solutions Brochure

Our finished assemblies lower your costs by reducing your in-house component inspections, QA effort, component handling, rework & scrap, and assembly time. Whether simple and small or large and complex, Swagelok Oklahoma | West Texas can support your fabrication needs: 

-Instrumentation Panels
-Skid Fabrication-
-Gas Sampling Panels
-Grab Sampling Systems 
-Gas Regulator Quick Mounts 
-Purge Gas Control Panels 
-Sample Cylinder Assemblies 
-Specialized Tube Bending 
-Instrument Enclosures 
-Tube &  Pipe Fitting Assemblies 
-Regulator Assemblies
-Actuated Ball Valves
-Automatic Changeover Regulator Panels
-CAD Design and Support

Have an idea? Have a question? Have a unique issue? Contact us for Your Custom Solution!

       grab sample transparent                 
             actuated valve                    actuator            

   actualtor 2

    cabinet with manifold  filter panel

  dual regulator
 flange  regulator with flange
          smart system 3
 steam trap transparent  thermal relief valve no background

suitcase assembly
    60 w orange  bent tube

hose with flange

 fuel additve  panels

    chinese filter

       tripod  cs for retator