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Swagelok Oklahoma | West Texas

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Breakfast Club

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Breakfast Club

Join us the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 7:30am to 8:30am

at our Broken Arrow Office, 1906 N. Yellowood Ave.

or our Odessa office 432 South Grandview

or via Webex

Shellie chard

Produced Water 

Past, Present & a Look to the Future
with Shellie Chard

Water Quality Division Director

OK Dept. of Environmental Quality

Wednesday, April 11th, 2018

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Shellie Chard obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical
Engineering and Biotechnology in 1992 from the University of Oklahoma.
She has been the Division Director of the Water Quality Division of 
the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality since
January 1, 2010 and has 25 years of experience in the drinking 
water and wastewater profession.  Today she oversees all aspects 
of drinking water, wastewater and storm water for DEQ including 
permitting, compliance, enforcement, technical assistance, 
Drinking Water State Revolving Fund loan program and the 
operator certification training and licensing program.
     In addition to her activities at DEQ, her professional activities 
include: serving on the Board of Directors for the Oklahoma Water 
Environment Association, the Executive Committee of the Ground 
Water Protection Council, Funding and Legislation Committee Chair 
and Past-President of the Association of Clean Water Administrators, 
past Board member of the Association of Safe Drinking Water 
Administrators, and is a member of the Government Affairs 
Committee and the House of Delegates of the Water Environment 
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  j cole may 2018  

Risk Management

with Jami Cole

Arrowhead Consulting

Senior Consultant

Wednesday, May 9th, 2018

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Jami Cole is a Senior Consultant with Arrowhead Consulting
specializing in project management, business analysis,
and training. Jami has spent nearly two decades working
in enterprise project management in the healthcare,
manufacturing, oil and gas, and aerospace industries,
focused on turning around troubled projects
and managing diverse project teams.  As a seasoned
facilitator, Jami has traveled all over the US and covers
a wide variety of subjects, including custom programming
languages, emotional intelligence, project management
fundamentals, leadership development, and risk management.
She volunteers as a teacher and curriculum advisor for the
PM4Youth program. Jami, a native Tulsan, received a
Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from The George Washington
University in Washington, DC.  During her time in Washington,
she organized the Women in Media symposium for GWU and
the Nation Press Club and worked with distinguished femal
 journalists Cokie Roberts and Ann Curry.  This opportunity
was the original impetus for Jami’s initial foray into speaking
with topics focused on Risk Management, Project
Management Education, and Conflict in Workplace Dynamics.

june bc   

Environmental Forensics

with Dr. R. Paul Philp, Organic Geochemistry

Oklahoma State University

Wednesday, June 13th, 2018

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Dr. Philp's research interests are centered on the study of organic material
as it is deposited in the sedimentary environment and undergoes a number
of changes resulting from diagenesis, microbial degradation, and thermal
maturation at higher temperatures in older sediments. Particular attention
is given to studying the fate of individual organic compounds that can be
related to specific sources of organic material and used to provid
 information on the type of hydrocarbon products a source rock will
produce, its maturity, whether an oil has been biodegraded, and
relative migration distances of oils. In addition, biomarkers have been
shown to be useful in basin modeling studies. Development of pyrolysis
techniques for the characterization of the insoluble organic matter
n a known source rock is another area of research.

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Each month this group will focus on an area of interest to businesses and manufacturing leaders in the Tulsa Area. Our goal is to provide a forum for open discussion, collaboration and idea generation among participants. While you enjoy breakfast, established experts in their field will deliver a 45 minute presentation followed by group discussion. We encourage anyone who is interested to attend, participate and help us generate future topics!

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