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Swagelok University 30 Day Free Trial

Swagelok University Online Training

In business, the smartest companies usually win. Let Swagelok University online industrial training classes take you, your associates, and your company to the head of the class.

  • Improve fluid system solutions as you steadily build a stronger, more-competitive workforce.
  • Lower your installation and maintenance costs by learning how to install it right the first time.
  • Enjoy the convenience of learning at your own pace on your schedule
  • Earn additional Continuing Education Units (CEU) as you complete courses.
  • Ideal for apprentices, engineers, technicians and other personnel in plant operation
  • Try Swagelok University at no risk with our 30-day free trial.

Swagelok University online training is your digital portal to training in fluid systems. Learn how to sign up for a 30 day free trial of Swagelok University that includes 12 free courses for 30 days.

To access Swagelok University, once your account is approved, click on Login. Then go to My Account - Swagelok University.

Continuing Education Units or CEUs

Every Swagelok University course and bundle has a Continuing Education Unit, or CEU, value. Meet continuing education requirements more quickly and easily.

Three Ways To Choose Courses And A Plan

Ready to enroll? Swagelok University Online Training makes it easy to choose the right courses and develop a learning plan that’s in step with your business. Options:

Swagelok University course bundles

We’ve done the up-front work. Select from 17 Swagelok University course bundles created by Swagelok industry experts. Every bundle includes Swagelok online industrial training classes relevant to one subject. See the Swagelok University course bundles here.

Swagelok University custom bundles

Develop your own learning plan. Create a Swagelok University custom bundle by selecting courses in groups of 10, 20, or 30.

Individual courses

  Simply pick the courses you want or need.

Learn more about Swagelok University and the 30 day free trial at or by contacting us at Swagelok Oklahoma | West Texas.