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Swagelok Oklahoma | West Texas

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Reflective Gauges & Thermometers

illuminated gauge
Retro reflective material option affixed to the dial face

You won't be in the dark with Pressure & Temperature Indication

Even when working conditions aren't ideal, you'll still be able to read the numbers

In the catalogue, a gauge or thermometer might look like just what you need. Then the realities of the work site force you to install it in a place with poor lighting, or behind some ductwork, or in a place where steam partially blocks your view. You might not even be able to get close when you want to take a reading.

Now Swagelok has two ways to help you get your work done: unique gauge and thermometer faces with illumination options and larger numerals.

Reflective gauge

First we offer a dial face with retro-reflective material. The fluorescent color absorbs non-visual UV light, reflecting additional light and making the gauge more visible. You do need some sort of external light source such as a flashlight. You can order it in white, fluorescent orange or fluorescent green.

Luminescent gauge

illuminated gauges green

Our second option is a retro-reflective, photo-luminescent dial design that illuminates the entire front of the instrument dial for an extended time after being exposed to a light source for as little as 10 seconds. The gauge appears white when not illuminated.

These face options are available on gauge models 115P, 160P, 63C and 100C, and on thermometer models T48 and T80.

The whole point of having gauges and thermometers is so that you can read the numbers. When working conditions are less than ideal, our retro-reflective and photo-luminescent faces make it easer to stop squinting and get the numbers right.

Contact Swagelok Oklahoma | West Texas, and we'll help you see the light!