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Swagelok Oklahoma | West Texas

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Swagelok Hydraulic Swaging Unit

Swagelok Multihead Hydraulic Swaging Unit

Swagelok hydraulic swaging units preswage 1/2 to 2 inch and 12 to 38mm Swagelok ferrules onto carbon steel and stainless steel tubing prior to assembly into a Swagelok tube fitting.

 - Reduces makeup torque by up to 70% compared to 1 1/4 turn manual pull-up

 - Prevents galling, thread damage and component deformation

 - Is portable and easy to use by one person

 - Requires little physical effort by the installer

 - Facilitates proper and sufficient preswaging of the ferrules onto the tubing

 - Has an optional suport base

 - Comes in a sturdy case containing a hydraulic pump, hose and service equipment.

Download the instruction manual